Wisdom Tooth Surgery

There are quite a few situations where a Wisdom Tooth extraction is the best solution. Problems they cause are often associated with overcrowded teeth, they can get impacted and they are difficult to clean, act as food trap and will often lead to the following problems:

  • The gums overlying impacted wisdom teeth get infected, and become swollen. This is a painful condition called ‘Pericoronitis’.
  • They cause decay on the second molar tooth in front.

The Process

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As with all Dental procedures at The GiGi Dental clinics, also this one starts with a thorough clinical and radiographic examination to determine if your wisdom tooth needs to be removed.

Before the surgery, your dentist will discuss the procedure with you and inform you what to expect and what to do to assure fast and successful recovery. Sometimes the surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia, where in other cases the Dentist will use sedation.

After the surgery, the gum is stitched together, and antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed. The stitches will be removed after about a week, when you will be invited to come back for a follow up appointment.