General Dentistry

The GiGi dentists work with you on oral health through diagnosis, treatment and preventative strategies. Services offered in a general dentistry include oral health examination, extraction, scaling and polishing, air-polishing and teeth grinding.


Oral health examination

Dental screening is an assessment of a patient’s mouth to identify conditions that might need further assessment and treatment. It identifies tooth decay, plaque, bites, gum infection and other oral diseases.

The screening includes discussion of diet, tooth brushing, oral hygiene and nutrition.

Dental equipment such as mouth mirrors, dental picks, and high intensity lights are used.

X-rays may be taken.


Extraction of Tooth

Dental extraction is a process where a dentist remove the tooth from it’s socket in the bone. Although permanent teeth were meant to last a lifetime, there are a number of reasons why extraction is suggested. Most common reasons include extraction of damaged tooth (decay or trauma) or extraction of tooth from crowded mouth. Removals of wisdom teeth are also very common.

Removal of teeth with The GiGi Dental is completely pain-free procedure.


Scaling and Polishing

Scaling and polishing is a procedure that removes dental plaque, tartar and extrinsic stains that are present on the outer surface of the teeth. Scaling and polishing cleans your teeth, preventing and controlling the severity of gum diseases.

Scaling and polishing can’t cause any damage to your teeth as long as they are done by an experienced professional and as part of a dental care plan.


Air Polishing

Air Polishing is a dental hygienist treatment that has been developed to help keep your teeth clean and white. We recommend it to clients who look for that perfect smile.

The air polishing technique is simple and painless, but also very effective. It uses air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of sodium bicarbonate or glycine powders through a special nozzle. The combination of the pressurised jet of air, water and powder works to remove stains, plaque, as well as anything else that may have become trapped between teeth, such as pieces of food.


Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding is usually caused by a number of Dental and Psychological factors. As grinding usually happens at night, most patients don’t know they have a problem until they feel the pain or notice some damage done by teeth grinding. Most usually it results in excess wear and damage of teeth, pain in the neck and similar.

The treatment at The GiGi Dental clinic consists of combination of both, dealing with dental and emotional problems. As part of a dental health care plan we talk about short- and long-term solutions and use a very holistic approach to fix it.